Seeking Discomfort

»What does it mean to leave your own comfort zone?« This was the topic and question for the TEDx event 2019 in Potsdam. A conference devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading trough lectures and discussions. The leaflet presents speakers and their wide range of topics in a clean but playful way.

Air de Midi

Modern Art in Occitania – Air de Midi is a network of contemporary cultural institutions in southern France. In collaboration with students of the »institut supérieur des arts de Toulouse« a leaflet was designed to display the 26 sites. The result is an abstract map that gives information about the individual institutions and encourages people to discover the network of Air de Midi.


Everything is in a constant state of transformation. In some cases the change is obvious, but often imperceptible. Transformations begin and end, but never stop. »Kokon« is the title of a magazine about change. The content is reflected in the layout: the cover is only visible while closed, which gives each page a new format.

Les trois sœrs

Can a theatre play be read? – The design of the publication and its materiality is deliberately used in this project for the dramatization of the text »Three sisters«, by Anton Chekov. The result is a play translated into Edition, in order to create a new kind of reading experience.


Poster design for an exhibition on modern cave painting.


This Project is a textualization of Derek Jarman's film »Blue« from 1993 – his last directorial work. It developed despite a progressive blindness as a kind of audio film – the canvas remains blue for 70 minutes. The topic is Jarman's life and his visions as part of a retrospective. The typographic staging of the text represents a visualisation of the audio track.